PETA's Controversial Christmas Campaign Asks: 'If You Wouldn't Eat Your Dog, Why Eat A Turkey?'

Animal rights activists PETA have caused quite a stir with their Christmas campaign by asking the public: "If you wouldn’t eat your dog, why eat a turkey?"

The group launched the campaign with a series of striking images on their website showing sad-looking dogs next to placards.

They're also encouraging members of the public to share images of their own dogs on social media along with the hashtag #NoTurkeyForXmas.

"Turkeys, just like the dogs and cats we share our homes with, have feelings and the capacity to experience pain. In the UK, they typically spend their short lives in a space two-thirds the size of an opened broadsheet newspaper," PETA's website reads.

"Farmed turkeys are bred to have such large breasts that they can’t mate naturally and sometimes can barely walk.

"These birds are intensively confined, have part of their beaks cruelly cut off, are pumped full of grains laced with antibiotics and are slaughtered when they’re only five months old."

Campaign images from the group also feature on the side of some London busses.

While existing vegans and vegetarians have welcomed the campaign on social media:

Meat-eaters have been less impressed:

On PETA's Facebook page, Elliott Pemberton commented: "Not being funny but by not having a turkey not one will be saved. They have already slaughtered thousands and they will still slaughter the same amount to put in stores whether you buy or not.

"The only way you will save a turkey is if you buy a live one and keep it as a pet. Sad truth."

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