Animal Rights

Hunting was given an exemption from the rule of six laws, but animal rights activists claim participants are breaching the 30-person limit and not wearing masks.
Brexit may have delayed the debate on cages, but now is an opportunity for the UK to be a leader in animal rights, writes Deborah Meaden.
A second zebra, which also escaped, is believed to have been returned to the circus.
If we’ve proved something, it’s that working locally with the wellbeing of all living things in mind can not only be done – it can also be rewarded at the ballot box
Activists have called for better safety precautions.
Drugging sea creatures isn't right, says the animal rights organisation.
This is the first season that London Fashion Week is not showcasing any fur on the catwalk. Animal rights organisation PETA is pushing organisers further, however, and calling for an all-out ban.