Commuters Throw A Glorious Christmas Party On The 8am Train To Work

Six commuters held a Christmas party on their way to work - and it looks like they had a whale of a time.

Chris Lines, along with five pals, decided to host a Christmas party on the 8.08am train from Abergavenny to Cardiff.

The commuters planned the festive shindig in advance and, on Friday 18 December, they rocked up onto the train with a table cloth, prosecco, crackers and paper decorations in tow.

They feasted on an assortment of cheese and ham toasties alongside smoked salmon and cream cheese on crackers, cocktail sausages and chocolates.

The partygoers included Allan Wilson, Chris Lines, Sian Grainger, Jon Gruffydd, Jeremy Powell and Cellan Michael, all of whom work for different companies.

"We spend 40 minutes a day travelling to work so we said, ‘Why don’t we have a Christmas party?'," Lines told Wales Online.

"We pulled crackers and we wore funny hats. Because there were only two carriages on the day we were a bit cramped so we had to take a table with someone on."

But that didn't stop the festive fun.

According to Lines, they simply asked the man if he could lift his laptop so they could put the table cloth down.

"He was looking at us as if we were bonkers but after the second stop he got into the swing of things. It must have been the Christmas spirit," added Lines.

He said there were lots of other passengers who looked bemused by it all. But there were some who joined in with the festive fun, too.

It isn't the first time the pals have held a train party, the last one they did was to celebrate someone leaving their job and starting a new business.

Next stop, a New Year's Eve party.

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