9 Reasons Not To Feel Bad About Your Christmas Breakup


Time and time again we hear that Christmas is a time when a lot of relationships end.

So if you've gone through a breakup this festive season, please don't be too hard on yourself.

After all, here are nine undeniable reasons for why you shouldn't feel bad about your Christmas breakup:

1) If you haven't exchanged gifts yet you can save the money

- And spend it all on yourself in the January sales

2) If you've already exchanged gifts you can take their crap presents back

- And buy things you actually want with the money

3) You don't have to share chocolates/nuts/sweets with anyone

- And no one can judge you for stuffing your face

4) You can sit around all day in your onesie

- And all evening, if you want

5) You can get pissed and have a really good cry

- Sometimes tears are good

6) You can get pissed and have a really good time

- Sometimes dancing is good

7) You can snog a random fittie on New Years Eve

- And at your work Christmas party

8) You can spend the entire holiday period with friends and family

- And not have to waste time making small talk with the in-laws

9) You can have time off from work to mend

- If you're going to go through a breakup, it may as well be at Christmas.

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