Christmas Eve Is The Day When Most British Men Restyle Their Facial Hair

Turns Out, Most British Men Are Inspired By Santa...

Father Christmas may be the owner of the most famous festive beard, but apparently the men of Britain want to give him a run for his money.

A new survey into the UK's male grooming habits by Braun cruZer6 has found that Christmas Eve is the date when men are most inclined to style their facial hair - with 67% of men taking to the trimmers.

This could be the reason why British men are now taking longer than ever to get ready - taking three minutes more than women to shower and choose an outfit.

The same study by Braun also found that men check themselves out almost twice as often every day as women do - looking in mirrors and shop windows an average of five times a day, compared to just three times for women.

But at least the blokes surveyed were honest, with around one in four (23%) admitting they are more vain than their partner.

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Groom their beard - 40%

Men who moisturise - 47%

Trim their body hair - 40%

Get a tan / self-tan - 14%

Pluck eyebrows - 20%

Style their hair - 45%

Use make-up - 5%

One in three (37%) have even texted a friend to ask the traditionally female question “What are you wearing tonight?”

Well, there are all those Christmas parties to look good for...

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