Top 5 Christmas Drinking Games

Christmas is here once again. And seeing as we're forced to spend so much time with extended family members you rarely speak to - why not partake in a drinking game to alleviate some of the social strain?

We've compiled a list of themed fun, so enjoy...

Read our list of festive fun below

Santa Hat

This one will involve a lot of sitting down. But at least the rules are simple.

Place a Santa hat on the corner of your TV, put on a show and drink anytime someone on the screen appears to wear the hat.

We recommend something festive and classic to put on — maybe 'It’s a Wonderful Life' or 'Christmas in Connecticut'.


Home Alone

For this festive fun all you need is something to drink and the movie 'Home Alone'.

Drink when someone in the classic 90's film insults Kevin, tries and fails to speak French, says pizza, polka or Paris, gets injured -- or when Kevin alone screams, insults another character or talks to himself.

Deck the Halls

According to Buzzfeed, Deck The Halls is a Christmas game that everyone should partake in.

To take part all you need is to buy several bags of Christmas bows and spread them around everyone at the table/party.

The real job at hand is to unsuspectingly stick bows onto your fellow party guest’s backs over the course of an hour.

At the end of the hour, you have to take a drink for every bow you got “decked” with.

Opening Presents

Beware, this game involves real live people.

But you can even play this one by yourself, if you prefer.

To play you need to take a drink every time a person doesn’t understand the gift they got on Christmas Day or someone says “we should keep the wrapping paper""

Christmas Is All Around

To follow in the film footsteps of 'Home Alone', another one of our favourites, 'Love Actually', can also be transformed into some Christmas fun.

During the film Bill Nighy’s character (Billy Mack) sings a reinvented version of 'Love Is All Around' called 'Christmas Is All Around'.

And to play the game all you need to do is to transform other popular songs into holiday versions.

Ask all the party guests to write down famous songs on separate slips of paper, then put them inside a hat before mixing them up and selecting one.

Time everyone for three minutes with the task of trying to alter the lyrics into a Christmassy version.

You decide the punishments and prizes for winners and losers.

Always drink responsibility. For more information visit Drink Aware.