27/12/2015 07:19 GMT | Updated 27/12/2015 07:59 GMT

‘Strictly Come Dancing': Helen George Addresses Fix Claims

Helen George has become the latest star from the most recent of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ to address reports that the show’s producers and judges attempt to fix results.

Referring to Jamelia’s recent claims over reshoots, the ‘Call The Midwife’ star insists she “wasn’t privy to that”, however she has stated admitted that ‘Strictly’ requires drama, so it does need to be “controlled”.

Helen George

Speaking to The Sun, Helen explains: “It is a dance show and a television show so there has to be drama and it has to be somewhat controlled for it to fit the format."

Helen also had strong words for critics who think the public shouldn’t get to vote for their favourites, adding: “No it is a TV show and the public invest in it and they want to be part of it and they have to have shared ownership over it with the judges.

“The judges are there to guide and to take it away from the public [isn’t right] and the judges don’t always get it right; and the public don’t always get it right.”

A number of the show’s professional dancers, judges and contestants weighed in on the recent ‘fix’ rows, including Katie Derham, who stated: “I've worked for the BBC for a very long time. That sort of stuff just doesn't, cannot, wouldn't happen.

“Too many people [are] keeping an eye on all the Ts being crossed and the Is being dotted, and also, can I just say - how can it be fixed when it's mostly the public voting?"

The series came to an end earlier this month, and former The Wanted star Jay McGuiness triumphed over Kellie Bright and Georgia May Foote in the final.

The singer is now said to be weighing up plenty of great offers, and could be set for a stint on the West End stage.

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