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Cute Baby Video Shows Girl Playing With Her Pug Best Friend

Want proof that dogs really are man's best friend? Look no further than these adorable videos of a baby girl and her pug.

The below clip, first uploaded to Instagram by mother Shannon Green from California and later Facebook, shows the dog playing with Green's then six-month-old daughter Kennedy.

The scene is so heart-warmingly cute, it's gone viral - racking up almost 700,000 views to date.

Playing together

Playing togetherBy:

Posted by Play It on Friday, 25 December 2015

The video was first uploaded to Instagram with the caption: "This is a throwback to Barnum and Kennedy at six months old having way too much fun. The video is a bit grainy but my favourite video of these two rascals."

Green has an whole Instagram account, Circus_Pugs, dedicated to her baby and three pugs: Barnum, Baily and Tahlulabelle.

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Kennedy, who is now nearly two, is still best friends with her pug pals, and can be seen playing and sleeping with them in a number of cute photos and videos on the page.

A video posted by Shannon Green (@circus_pugs) on

Green even joked that the pugs think her daughter is one of them, in the adorable video below.

A video posted by Shannon Green (@circus_pugs) on

So many feels.


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