Injured Squirrel Nursed To Health By Couple, Then Invited To Live In Their Christmas Tree

Mittens the squirrel is one lucky rodent.

After being severely injured in an accident, he was rescued by Reddit user Chris and his wife, who took him home. He posted the below on the site:

"About a week ago, my wife found this squirrel at the side of the road twitching. He likely got hit by a car, and suffered major head trauma. She took him home. He couldn't eat, drink, walk, or really do anything. We were eventually able to get him to drink via a syringe.

"We reached out to a wildlife rehabilitater, who gave us some medicine to give him to help with the head trauma. Now, after 6 days on the medicine, He's doing a lot better. He's able to hold food on his own. He still needs help drinking. He can walk, but not very well. He often keeps his head to the side. We are still caring for him, though he will likely never be able to be released again. He may not be able to live a wild life, but if he continues to recover, we can help him live a good life."

He then posted a picture of said squirrel, who they named Mittens, taking residence in their Christmas tree:

A couple of days after this, Chris posted another picture, revealing that they'd decided to let Mittens take up permanent residence.

He wrote: “We are building a five-foot by three-foot by eight-foot enclosure for him, which I hope to put a small living tree in.”