Massive Solar Flare Could Replace New Year's Eve Fireworks With Stunning Northern Lights

While New Year's Eve has always been historically celebrated with fireworks, a massive solar flare could be about to change things for millions by creating a stunning light show as 2015 becomes 2016.

Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have detected a powerful G3 solar storm which was caused by a large solar flare from the sun.

The size of the storm could then cause the northern lights to reach as far south as San Francisco bay during New Year's Eve.

The coronal mass ejection (CME) was detected by NOAA on 28 December and since then has been heading in the direction of Earth.

While G3 storms can produce stunning light shows they're also a nightmare for electronic equipment with the storm expected to cause some disruption to satellites, communication networks and even power grids.

So while you might have even less of a chance of sending that text, the upside is that you'll be too busy staring at the sky to even be worrying about it.

For those unlucky enough to miss the big light show NOAA has upgraded 1 January to a G1 storm, so while you won't be getting any aurora's sneaking south, there should be some pretty stunning light shows taking place in the arctic circle.