Parrot DISCO Is An 'Uncrashable' Drone That Uses AI To Make You A Flying Ace

Drones currently suffer from one major drawback which is that while they're incredibly cool, they're also generally pretty difficult to fly. Well Parrot has unveiled a new drone that could quite possibly be its safest, easiest and most intelligent aircraft yet.

It's called the DISCO and is essentially a flying wing. This ultra-aerodynamic shape makes the DISCO incredibly good at gliding, reducing the strain on the engine which in turn then gives the DISCO an almost unheard-of 45 mins flying time.

They've not stopped there though. To prevent people like us then nose-diving it into the nearest cliff the DISCO also has an 'AI' type autopilot that is secretly working in the background making it appear as though you're much better at flying than you really are.

This autopilot might be holding your hand the entire time but that doesn't mean it limits any of the drone's performance. DISCO can reach a seriously nippy 80km/h without spiralling into a ball of flames while a HD camera on the front can send a live feed directly to your smartphone or, wait for it, a pair of virtual reality goggles.

The end result of which is that while you might look like a bit of an idiot on the outside, on the inside you'll be seeing the world from the perspective of the DISCO.

There's no word on how much this will cost, but judging by the fact that it's more intelligent than most desktop PCs we're going to take a punt and say it won't be anything less than £500.

That said, for some that'll be a small price to pay for the reward of finally owning a drone that won't just gather dust on your shelf because you're too scared to fly it.

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