06/01/2016 04:11 GMT | Updated 06/01/2016 06:59 GMT

Fat-Burning Exercises To Try This January, Including Kickboxing, Circuit Training And Squats

Burning off the excessive amount of food you consumed over Christmas will be no easy ride.

That's why the folks at Buzz60 have compiled a list of top tips to help get you well on the way to fat-burning success.

For starters, they recommend getting off the treadmill and trying HIIT workouts instead.


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Additionally, a kickboxing class will make you sweat while melting fat and increasing flexibility. Plus it looks like good fun.

Or, instead of doing a monotonous amount of reps on weights at the gym, why not try circuit training instead?

Do an exercise for 60 seconds, take a 15 seconds break, move on to another exercise, do it for 60 seconds, take a 15 seconds break, move on to another exercise, and repeat.

Also, don't skip leg day. Most people hate working out on their legs because it's so damn hard. But working your legs will help burn off a tonne of fat.

Try squats and lunges to burn lots and lots of calories.

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