NASA Pictures And Logarithmic Maps Transformed Into One Image Showing The Entire Universe

This Image Of The Entire Universe Will Make You Feel Incredibly Small

A musician has created an image showing the universe in one spectacular image.

The stunning circular representation shows the Solar System at the centre, surrounded by the Milky Way and then the Andromeda galaxy.

Each circle gets progressively larger moving from the galaxies to the cosmic web and finally an invisible plasma.

Pablo Carlos Budassi used NASA pictures and logarithmic maps from Princeton University to produce the mind-blowing visual.

According to Popular Mechanics, the best way to understand the picture is to “just remove a few billion light years between the objects."

Another way to make sense of each circle is to realise it shows a field of view several times larger than the one before.

Speaking to Tech Insider, Budassi said he got the idea while drawing hexaflexagons for his son's birthday.

"That day the idea of a logarithmic view came and in the next days I was able to [assemble] it with photoshop using images from NASA and some textures created by my own."


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