A Student's Attempt To Show 'UFO Being Struck By Lightning' Backfires

An Austrian student's attempt to convince the world that she witnessed a UFO on New Year's Eve appears to backfired.

Marie Mela posted a video of her celebrations being interrupted by a flash of lightning hitting a white ball.

WTF?! UFO über Niederösterreich oder Wetterphänomen?!?Was ist das?! Hat das gestern sonst noch wer gesehen???#blitz #silvester #ufo #mostviertel #rakete #party #aliens

Posted by Marie Mela on Friday, January 1, 2016

The seemingly intriguing aspect of the footage is the weather conditions reported in that local area.

Meteorologist, Roland Reiter, told local news website, Kurier: "We have also seen the video, so once again checked the weather conditions at the time. There was no lightning discharge in the area."

The video gained a lot of attention on the social media platform, with 78,155 views and 447 shares at the time of writing.

Oddly enough, her post only had one comment, from Mela herself, who wrote: "there's no solid declaration."

It is also worth noting that Mela is reportedly a media student at the University of Vienna and skeptics have suggested the footage is either an elaborate hoax or a grand project to show the world how quickly falsities can spread online.

Well, if that is the case - mission accomplished.