Bristol's Queen Victoria Statue Gets X-Rated Makeover By Feminist Graffiti Artist

This Graffitied 'Anatomically Correct' Queen Victoria Statue Is Causing A Stir

One of history's supposedly most prude monarchs has had a 127-year-old statue of herself defaced by a feminist graffiti artist.

Queen Victoria, immortalised in sculpture in College Green, Bristol, was made 'anatomically correct' by the spray can-carrying perpetrator on Thursday.

The royal, whose historic reign is the second-longest in British history, was noticed posing in all her glory later that day.

She was painted with legs and private parts by feminist street artist 'Vag Graff'.

Some thought the move was disrespectful, saying they were sad to see Victoria's statue vandalised.

While others were far less concerned and were simply enjoying the good humour.

Commenting, Graff defended the move saying she "thought it was about time people saw Queen Victoria's vaj".

There were reports from people who claimed to have seen the statue on Friday that the paint had since been washed off.

A petition calling on Graff to apologise for causing the stir was started, but only managed to muster five signatures.


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