Critics have compared the UK to a fascist state after dozens were arrested.
Police have been arresting other demonstrators campaigning against the royals over the last week.
"The young people of this country have been let down for decades and the royals have done nothing to help us."
So-called "pengate" probably wasn't part of the plan.
Cancelling everything over the Queen's death doesn't sit right with everyone.
Perched atop a golden throne, bedecked in some of the finest clothes in all the kingdom, Prince Charles seemed just a teensy bit out of touch as he pledged that Parliament would help families struggling with rising costs.
The monarch is pictured standing with two of her fell ponies.
Buckingham Palace said the monarch was seen by specialists in London on Wednesday.
We take a look at eight ordinary folk who fell for a royal and married into a dynasty.
The difference between royal weddings of years gone by to this one betrays a hyper-emotionalism and mania that used to be antithetical to the British character but now, sadly, appear to be an intrinsic part of it