We take a look at eight ordinary folk who fell for a royal and married into a dynasty.
The difference between royal weddings of years gone by to this one betrays a hyper-emotionalism and mania that used to be antithetical to the British character but now, sadly, appear to be an intrinsic part of it
With Prince Harry set to wed American actress Meghan Markle, we take a look at eight ordinary folk who fell for a Royal and married into a dynasty.
There is not an institution in the United Kingdom that instils a better sense of community
As part of the so-called Paradise Papers leak, documents have revealed that the Queen’s private estate invested millions
Millions of us are heading to the polls today to decide the future of our country - and to choose our MP. For all its flaws, this is a huge exercise in democracy, and one we can all be proud of. Too often we take for granted the power to change government peacefully and democratically. But it is a hard won right and one which too many people continue to have to fight for.
The party says the British monarchy should not enjoy the world's recognition given the pain it has caused through colonisation.
I've never been especially bothered about the monarchy debate. In principle I'm against a person having such excessive power and wealth by virtue of their birth, on top of being entirely supported by the state, but I wouldn't say it's ever actively bothered me.
Embed from Getty Images When I was about thirteen or fourteen, I went on a school trip to parliament. I don't remember much