‘EastEnders' Viewers Weren't Convinced By Charlie Slater's ‘Laughable' Death Scene, Branding It ‘Worst Fictional Heart Attack In TV History'


Instead of ‘EastEnders’ fans reaching for the tissues during Thursday night’s episode, many unhappy fans were heading to Twitter.


Millions tuned in to see Charlie Slater die after suffering a fatal heart attack, which started during Wednesday’s episode.

But as the story unfolded, many viewers were left unimpressed - and unconvinced - by the scenes, which were branded ‘unrealistic’.

Viewers saw Charlie Slater pass away in front of his daughter Kat

One tweeted: "This is the longest dragged out heart attack ever - unrealistic script writing! #eastenders #charlie."

"This is the worst fictional heart attack in TV history #eastenders," another added.

Many viewers questioned how Charlie managed to have a lengthy conversation with his daughter, Kat Slater, in the midst of having a heart attack.

Others were annoyed that both Kat and mother-in-law Big Mo left him in the house by himself while they waited for an ambulance.

Not everyone was quite so harsh though…

The Walford favourite, who suffers from bi-polar, broke down in Wednesday night’s double episode.

"What an incredible actress Lacey Turner is.. One of the best eastenders has EVER had. Amazing,” one tweeted.

Another added: "Just finished watching EastEnders and Lacey Turner is an amazing actress.”

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