Man With Alzheimer's Disease Makes Heartbreaking Plea For Family And Friends To Visit Him And Try To Understand The Disease

Man With Alzheimer's Makes One Simple But Heartbreaking Wish

Posted by MaryBeth Alan Beamer on Sunday, 3 January 2016

A man with Alzheimer's disease has made an emotional plea to the world, expressing his one wish - to be able to laugh and joke with his friends again.

Alan Beamer opened up during a heartbreaking video diary which was filmed by his wife Mary.

She asked him a series of questions including: "What do you want from your family and friends?"

His incredible responses hit a chord with viewers watching on Facebook, with hundreds leaving messages about their loved ones suffering from the disease.

Alan Beamer opened up in an emotional video diary about his Alzheimer's disease

"They need to know that I'm the same old person and I wish some people, my friends, would come up to talk to me just like you did before. You know, play and joke around," Alan began, breaking into tears.

"I know they're afraid of me," he said, adding that people seem to talk around him, not at him, keeping conversations short.

When Mary asked him to explain what he wanted people to know about Alzheimer's, his response hit a similar chord.

"It's one of the meanest things I've ever seen in my life," Alan tearfully responded.

The video is an important reminder of the staggering emotional effects of the disease.

The Alzheimer's Society states that in 2015 there were 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK.

It also claims that by 2025 there will be 1 million people suffering from the disorder.

The emotional video has received over 100,000 views since it was posted on Sunday. It has been shared over 1,700 times with many viewers applauding the couple for their bravery.

"We are proud people but there are a lot of us out there that are living with Alzheimer's and we all need understanding," Mary wrote on Facebook.

It's a heartbreaking reminder for all of us not to forget about our friends, family and neighbours.