10/01/2016 16:45 GMT | Updated 10/01/2016 17:59 GMT

Jeremy Corbyn's Twitter Account Hacked, Tells Followers To 'F**k Trident' And Calls David Cameron A 'Pie'

Jeremy Corbyn appeared to fall victim to a hacker on Sunday evening, with his Twitter account telling his 384,000 followers to "fuck Trident".

Although the policy position, of opposing the renewal of Britain's nuclear weapons systems, is one the Labour leader shares, it is unlikely he would have chosen those precise words.

As well as expressing a blunt opinion about unilateral nuclear disarmament, Corbyn's account also described David Cameron as a "pie".

The rogue tweets were swiftly deleted. But not before they had been retweeted many times.

The colourful language aside, Corbyn appears to be on a collision course with his shadow cabinet over Labour policy on renewing Trident.

The Labour leader risks losing at least three of his shadow cabinet ministers if he succeeds in changing party policy to advocate the scrapping of Britain's nuclear weapons.

On Sunday, shadow justice secretary Lord Falconer, shadow education secretary Lucy Powell and shadow work and pensions secretary Owen Smith all refused to rule out resigning over the issue.