One Quarter Of Gym Goers Have Had Sex In The Gym, According To Eye-Opening Survey

One Quarter Of Gym Goers Have Had Sex In The Gym

There are many unusual places that people choose to have sex - whether that's in cars, parks or public toilets. But now there's a new sexy time venue to add to the list.

And it's a place that many of us visit on a regular basis.

A new survey of 2,000 people revealed that one quarter of gym-goers have had sex in the gym, at least once.

(We hope they wiped the surfaces down afterwards...)

The survey by Ann Summers asked people on social media about their gym habits. It found that more than half (52%) of those who go to the gym use it as a place to hook up.

Meanwhile, some women are using the gym equipment to get their orgasm on.

One in ten claimed they had experienced an orgasm in the gym; with 5% saying they climaxed after using the rowing machine, 3% saying that a two hour Bikram yoga session got them worked up and 2% saying they achieved an orgasm through excessive squatting.

In terms of pulling (a person, not a muscle), 45% of women said the best gym equipment to get their flirt on was the cross trainer, as it helped their buttocks look "more toned and pert".

Meanwhile more than half of guys (56%) said their favourite place to flirt was while they were using the Lat Pull Down machine, so they could show off their bulging biceps and pecs.

The majority of female gym goers (67%) said that doing 30 squats a day made them better in bed - especially when having sex standing up or doing it doggy style.

A further 45% of women said that lifting light 5kg weights once a day for 15 minutes gave them better orgasms with their partner, as they were able to lift and control their core body weight during sex.

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