13/01/2016 12:33 GMT | Updated 28/04/2016 08:31 BST

Think Plus-Size Women Can't Do Yoga? This Inspirational Video Proves Otherwise

As women we hear a lot about what we "should" and "shouldn't" do, but multiply that by about a thousand and you may have some idea of what plus-size women have to go through.

From exercise to clothing, society has a rigid and restrictive idea of what is deemed appropriate for plus-size women. And stigma and stereotyping is often at its heart.

But this year, a refreshing campaign hopes to tackle the problem head on by encouraging plus-size women to be true to themselves, and not be held back by other people.

#iwontcompromise, created by plus-size women's brand Penningtons, is a powerful movement that celebrates the idea of doing, wearing and being what we love - without compromise.


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The campaign calls for better body diversity in society, while hoping to inspire self-acceptance among women.

The inspiring launch video, features a plus-size yogi pulling out all the moves and showing critics what she's really made of.


Think plus-size women have no balance? Wrong. Think they'll only sweat and slip a lot? Wrong again. Think plus-size women can't hold their own body weight? You bet they can.

Let's leave the stereotyping in 2015.