SmartGlamour 'I'm Flattered' Campaign Sticks Two Fingers Up To Body Shaming

Ever been told you shouldn't wear something because it's not 'flattering'? Whether it's a comment from online trolls, or a piece of misguided advice from a family member, a few small words can do a lot of damage.

But one fashion brand is hoping to change all that - by proving that women can wear whatever the hell they want, whether people like it or not.

NYC-based company SmartGlamour launched the 'I'm Flattered' campaign after asking customers to share remarks others have made about their clothing in relation to their bodies.

Designer Mallorie Dunn then invited nine of the women to a photography studio so they could reclaim the body-shaming statements.

"The actual definition of flattering is 'pleasing; gratifying' – and if someone is pleased with themselves – why would you want to screw that up?," designer Dunn wrote on her website.

See the powerful #ImFlattered campaign in full below:

SmartGlamour #ImFlattered Campaign (list)

Serena Willliams

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