StreetLink Scheme To Help Homeless To Be Launched In Wales

An innovative programme designed to get homeless people in Wales off the streets has been launched.

StreetLink's scheme will allow concerned passersby to send an alert to the authorities, sharing the location of someone sleeping on the streets.

The person sleeping rough can then be found by the authorities, who will offer them support and help them find accommodation.

The StreetLink scheme will be rolled out to Wales following its success in England

StreetLink director, Matt Harrison, said that people who want to help do not know what to do. This service will allow services near to the homeless person offer them assistance.

He told the BBC: "People don't know whether they should give people money or food or drink, or talk to people or refer them to local services.

"What is most effective is to get people into local services to help get them off the streets but most people won't know where to go.

"StreetLink has the information and we will get in touch with local services, and then report back to the person who got in touch."

Welsh Government Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty said the project would provide a "lifeline to many vulnerable people".

StreetLink has been running in England since 2012 and has seen more than 15,000 people receive support after more than 35,000 alerts were sent.

StreetLink received funding from the UK government. The scheme being rolled out to Wales will see the Welsh government also contributing to the costs.