Domestic Violence Survivor Urges Others 'Not To Tolerate Abuse' By Singing From Her Hospital Bed

A domestic violence survivor has urged other men and women "not to tolerate abuse" from partners by filming herself singing from her hospital bed.

Darrian Amaker posted the empowering video on the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Facebook page earlier this week.

"A few days after thanksgiving this past year, my Love went straight psychotic and beat me brutally for 10 hours. He had planned it out; I was supposed to die," she wrote in a post accompanying the video.

"I survived or escaped, whatever you want to call it, and spent four days in the hospital, eyes swollen shut, wondering why, wondering why."

Hello - my name is darrian. A few days after thanksgiving this past year, my Love went straight psychotic and beat me...

Posted by Darrian Amaker on Saturday, 16 January 2016

Amaker went on to say her ex-partner has new been formally charged by a grand jury and will spend "many years as a prisoner".

She added: "I asked my doctor why I look different in the mirror, assuming it's a psychological consequence of savagery.

"Softly she remarked that all of my bones are bruised, quarter-inch ridges that I can feel - my face is different, it's one-half inch wider now."

In the video, Amaker tells the story of a woman who was "always such an easy touch" and later gets abused by her partner. She warns others to "pay attention to the eyes in your rear view".

Amaker is a singer, photographer and writer and said although she doesn't usually record herself performing it was the one thing she wanted to do from her hospital bed.

"It felt important and a small triumph to make something, salvage anything from my shipwrecked heart," she said.

"Domestic violence is not a faraway issue. It affects people you know, cheerful people, people who sing, people who love. We the humans must be better, kinder, stronger. We the loving must not tolerate abuse. We the living must facilitate life."

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