domestic abuse

Experts reveal some of the warning signs of emotional abuse that shouldn't be ignored.
If you've got a device you want to keep hidden, this applies to you.
"I left school and college totally unprepared for the word of dating," says campaigner Faustine Petron.
"It is impossible to separate physical safety from economic safety."
The consequences of the defamation trial seem to have got lost in the media circus. But it could have a very chilling impact on domestic violence survivors.
During her testimony, Heard said she had to learn how to recognise signs that Depp was on drugs – allegedly anything from cocaine to opiates to quaaludes.
Previously, you had to live apart for five years if you couldn't prove blame.
These techniques are designed to alert people you're in danger without letting a perpetrator know.
Violence against women should be taken as seriously as terrorism, says police watchdog
Other families continue to suffer in silence, thinking they are doing so alone.