Sibling Rivalry: Sinister Kid's Note Lists Plans For When His Brother Leaves The House

Some brothers and sisters get on like a house on fire, yet others see sibling rivalry as part of their daily routine.

For these two below, we're pretty sure they fall in the latter category.

Imgur user EmmyCD uploaded a photo of a note one child wrote when his brother Ethan was leaving the house.

We're not sure if Ethan was leaving for good or for a short holiday but either way, he's not going to be happy when he returns.

The note reads:

"Ethan's gone list.

Take Ethan's bedroom

Take his money

Hammer his LEGOs

Sell Blackbear

Rip Minecraft poster

Dye his carpet pink

Hammer everything he loves."

Poor Ethan.

You have an endless supply of baggy sweatshirts and oversized polos to borrow.

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