Mahalia Handley Is The Plus Size Model To Watch: Here's 5 Things You Need To Know

5 Things You Need To Know About Plus Size Model Mahalia Handley

Meet plus size model Mahalia Handley. You may not recognise her now but, thanks to a huge new UK modelling campaign, you're going to get used to seeing her face.

Having already landed jobs for Cosmopolitan and the Kardashian clothing line, 23-year-old body positivity activist Handley is one to watch in the industry - here are five things you need to know right now:

1. She's from Australia.

Namely, the Northern Territories - but has worked on campaigns all over the world and is signed with major agencies both in Australia and New Zealand.

2. She wants to represent diversity in fashion.

And is proud of her mixed-race Irish and Maori heritage.

3. She participates in charity work.

According to Handley's Facebook page, she volunteers for "St Vincent, RSPCA, NBCF, sex trafficking awareness, troubled youth and community work".

4. She's vegetarian.

But in the process of going vegan, according to her Instagram.

5. She has big plans for the future.

Alongside modelling, Handley revealed she'd one day like to raise awareness of "neglected issues within society", such as addressing healthy body awareness and promoting positive self esteem.


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