Susanna Reid Presents 'Good Morning Britain' With A Cold, But That Doesn't Stop Her Holding Her Own Against Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan went to extraordinary lengths to avoid catching Susanna Reid’s cold in Monday’s ‘Good Morning Britain’.


Despite spending the weekend fighting illness, Susanna still made it into work for her 6am start on Monday, though Piers seemed less than thrilled to be sharing a desk with her.

There was no fetching of soup or fluffing of cushions in the ‘GMB’ studio, instead Piers was seen sporting a mask to protect him from catching what he described as her “lurgy”.

Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan

We were pleased to see that her illness didn’t stop her from sticking up for herself, though, as she fired back: “Will that actually put a stop to you talking, Piers? Because if it does perhaps you can wear it every morning.”

Susanna did her best to soldier on as she revealed she'd not had a day off sick in a decade, and when Monday's ‘GMB’ was finished, she apologised to ‘GMB’ viewers for not being at her best, insisting she’ll be “back to full health tomorrow”.

After Piers was booed by the crowd, he remarked that the NTAs marked his “first date night” with Susanna, to which she responded: “Date night for Piers. Fright night for me.”

But that wasn’t the first time she’s shot down her co-host’s flirtations, having previously insisting there was “nothing” he could do to win over her affections, when he suggested that growing a beard could potentially woo her.

Susanna Reid

Susanna Reid

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