Piers Morgan Accuses Susanna Reid Of ‘Child Abuse' On ‘Good Morning Britain' For Not Brushing Her Hair Or Teeth To Take Children To School

Susanna Reid might never have a hair out of place when she presents ‘Good Morning Britain’, but the presenter has revealed it’s a different story when she drops her children off at school.


On Wednesday’s show, the 45-year-old admitted she often doesn’t brush her hair or teeth before taking her three children to school.

And it didn’t take Susanna’s co-host Piers Morgan long to wade in with his thoughts during a discussion about parents wearing their pyjamas at the school gates, which he dubbed ‘pyjamageddon’.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid

"Do you think I don't have standards?" Susanna asked Piers.

Piers replied: "You always look immaculate to me and now I'm hearing you don't even brush your hair - you should set a better example. This is almost bordering on child abuse."

Supernanny Jo Frost agreed with Piers, tweeting: "Piers, I would have to agree with you. I would like to see parents setting an example of starting the day properly."

Piers added: "There's a hygiene issue - they stink."

It’s not the first time this week Piers has had a pop at Susanna.

On Monday, he went to extraordinary lengths to avoid catching his co-presenter’s cold, when he sported a mask to protect him from what he described as her “lurgy”.

But despite being under the weather, it didn’t stop her from sticking up for herself, as she fired back: “Will that actually put a stop to you talking, Piers? Because if it does perhaps you can wear it every morning.”

Touché Susanna.

Susanna Reid

Susanna Reid

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