Jeremy Vine Joins Kanye West And Amber Rose's Twitter Beef (No, We're Not Really Sure Why Either)

Kanye West’s Twitter beef is beginning to become positively Shakespearean with its seemingly never-ending cast and characters, with new people involve themselves as it rolls on and on… but one player we weren’t counting on adding their hot take was Jeremy Vine.

And yet, that’s exactly what he’s done, advising Kanye after his latest tweets.

Kanye West does not want you - OR ANYONE - 'playing in his ass'

As you’ll no doubt recall, Kanye went off on one with Wiz Khalifa on Wednesday night, accusing him of being disrespectful about his wife Kim Kardashian when he mentioned “hitting that KK”.

Unfortunately, “KK” was actually a reference to a strain of weed, which Kanye discovered all too late, as he’d already thrown serious shade at Amber Rose, who has been romantically involved with both rappers in the past, including personal digs at her children.

Sticking up for herself, Amber then fired back at Kanye, asking him if he missed her because she wasn’t around to - NOT OUR WORDS! - “play in his asshole”.

Kanye and Amber back in 2010

Kanye has since taken the opportunity to respond, insisting: “I never let [anyone] play with my ass… I don’t do that… I stay away from that area all together [sic]... I’m not into that kind of shit... I like pictures and videos.”

So far, this whole thing has been completely unpredictable, but one addition to the mix that surely nobody was anticipating was the arrival of BBC broadcaster and former ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ contestant Jeremy Vine, to share his opinions with the controversial artist and “greatest rock star of all time”.

Jeremy Vine - guru to rap stars the world over

Jeremy advised: “Don’t let them play with your ass Kanye whatever happens; keep them away from that area; you could have all kinds of trouble.”

Seriously… what? Whoever’ll be weighing in next? John Sergeant? Brian Blessed? The Chuckle Brothers???

Then again, this is a world where Jon Snow did the 'Hotline Bling' dance over Christmas, anything is possible.

Amber Rose recently hit out at Kanye in an interview on the podcast ‘Allegedly’, branding him “fucking ridiculous” and a “clown”.

The Wisdom Of Kanye West

The Wisdom Of Kanye West