UFO Caused Volcano Eruption In Mexico Claim Conspiracy Theorists

A conspiracy theorist has claimed that this volcano in Mexico might have erupted as a result of outside interference from a UFO.

Scott Waring from UFOSightingsDaily claims that as the volcano begins to erupt, the camera can clearly make out a long cylindrical object passing over the top of it.

The object, although almost impossible to identify is actually a 'transporter' UFO claims Waring.

This isn't the first time a strange object has been spotted over a volcano in Mexico. In fact the country has a long history of UFO sightings which are connected to volcanic activity with small objects regularly being spotted either above or beside the volcanoes.

This clip from 2013 has gained nearly a million views on YouTube and claims to show an alien craft entering a volcano eruption.

The video has since been debunked as a fake due to the fact that the footage appears to have been sped up, suggesting that in fact it could be nothing more than a banking aircraft.

Then of course there was this sighting from late last year which claims to capture a similar event on one of the online webcams which are used to constantly monitor volcanic activity.

Finally there was this instance, again in Mexico, a small fuzzy light was seen moving around the top of the volcano and has since remained completely unexplained.

It should be important to note that many of these sightings are nothing more than birds, anomalies in the thermal imaging cameras used or indeed just good old fashioned fakes.