'The Jump': Rebecca Adlington Dislocates Shoulder During First Live Show

Rebecca Adlington was left needing medical attention during Sunday’s ‘The Jump’, when she dislocated her shoulder after landing badly on an inflatable crash mat.

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Rebecca Adlington Dislocates Shoulder

The Olympian’s injury took place during a training session, that was then screened on the show, and Rebecca later revealed that she had to lay with her shoulder out of place for 40 minutes.


She explained: “What people didn’t see in the edited footage is that I was lying there with a dislocated shoulder for 40 minutes.

“It was worse than childbirth and it’s still horrible now because people keep knocking my arm.”

The incident took place during practice jump, however, when weather conditions meant the celebrity contenders couldn’t jump live on the night, the rehearsal footage was shown.

Former ‘EastEnders’ star Louisa Lytton then became the first star to leave the competition.

Rebecca isn’t the first of the bunch to be left injured this year, and Louisa was rushed to hospital last week, after injuring herself on the slopes.

James ‘Arg’ Argent also had to rest earlier this month, after injuring his knee during a training session.

'The Jump' Series 3

'The Jump' Series 3