Fashion Editor Shuts Down Fur Company With Epic Response

When a pro-fur trade group sent an email to a top fashion editor, they certainly didn't expect this response...

Cosmopolitan UK's senior fashion editor, Sairey Stemp, received an email from a company promoting the use of real fur and swiftly sent them this epic reply - cc'ing animal rights organisation PETA into the conversation.

"I'm afraid this email has really upset me", she wrote back. "I think you need to be aware of the extremely barbaric practices of the fur industry. I cannot and will not tolerate an industry that sees fit to torture, skin alive, electrocute and castrate innocent animals so their pelts can be used for 'fashion'.

"PETA UK can provide you with more information regarding this highly cruel and unnecessary industry. I would never shoot or feature fur on my pages."

Sairey Stemp, senior fashion editor at Cosmopolitan UK

Speaking to HuffPost UK Style, Sairey said: "I cannot fathom why people feel the need to wear fur. Frankly it's archaic, have we not developed from Neanderthal times? Clearly not."

"The fur industry is one of the most barbaric, hideous, cruel and bloody industries. The reason it continues is simply because of money. If people didn't buy and wear fur, if the fashion industry didn't use and support it, then it would cease to be a viable commercial industry and the fur farms would close.

"I'm ashamed to say that fur is still a big part of the fashion industry. Young and established designers are often offered support in return for using fur in their collections. Fur is portrayed as being "luxurious" - to me it's an obscenity.

"It is because I know where fur comes from, how animals are beaten, electrocuted and skinned alive for their pelts that I would never ever shoot fur or feature it in my pages. Perhaps if every person who wore an item of real fur had to watch that poor innocent animal being tortured they might think twice and shun this disgusting practice.

Real fur on the catwalk at Tom Ford

Sairey is far from alone in her views. Respected designers such as British icons Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood as well as emerging talents like Vika Gazinskaya also refuse to use fur in their designs.

The success of faux fur brands Shrimps, Helen Moore and Charlotte Simone also prove that the British public are keen to find fur alternatives.

Faux fur brands like Shrimps are becoming more and more popular

PETA director Mimi Bekhechi told HuffPost UK Style: "PETA hears every day from fashion-forward shoppers who want nothing to do with an industry that bludgeons, electrocutes and skins animals alive for the same tired old caveperson look.

"When the vast majority of the British public wouldn't touch a fur coat with a 10-foot pole, it's no surprise that the fur industry's PR ploys are falling flat."

Nicki Minaj, November 2012

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