05/02/2016 10:52 GMT | Updated 05/02/2016 10:59 GMT

Terry Wogan Funeral Details Confirmed, With Private Ceremony To Take Place Next Week

Details of Sir Terry Wogan’s funeral have been confirmed, following his death on Sunday (31 January).


A private service for the beloved Irish broadcaster will take place next week, with only his loved ones in attendance.

terry wogan

Terry Wogan died from cancer, aged 77

A statement issued by the BBC said: "No further details will be released, and we ask that the family's wish for privacy is respected at this time."

His close friend Brian D’Arcy previously claimed that the funeral will to take place in England, rather than Terry’s native Ireland.

He also said a public memorial is also likely to be held at a later date.

Speaking on Irish radio, Brian said: “How can you have a public funeral for Terry Wogan? Where would you put it? Wembley wouldn’t be big enough for it, so there will probably be just family and friends at a private funeral. I suspect it will be probably early next week. It is in the UK.

“The BBC usually holds a quite public memorial service later on.”

Terry was 77 when he passed away following a short battle with cancer.

Brian claimed that Terry only found out he had the disease three weeks before he died, believing he had a bad back.

“I think alarms bells began to ring about three weeks ago.

“He had been in some pain before that, and he had got through Christmas. And the family had a lovely Christmas because I rang them to specifically to see and everything was fine, and then things began [getting worse].”

The priest – who regularly appeared on ‘Wake Up To Wogan’ for 20 years – revealed he last saw his friend a week ago.

He added: “Last Thursday, something told me: ‘Brian, go and see him’, and I rang Helen, and she said: ‘Please do come Brian.’

“I did, and it was the saddest day and the most rewarding day of my life.”

A book of condolences has been opened in Sir Terry’s hometown of Limerick for locals and visitors to share their thoughts and memories.


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