5 Valentine's Day Perfumes She'll Like More Than A Bunch Of Flowers

Listen up, fellas. The big V-Day is now less than a week away and if you haven't got her anything, you Better. Start. Panicking.

Speaking from personal experience, a perfume is a much better gift to receive than a bunch of flowers. Firstly, it lasts longer than a few days before tiny flies start circling around it and then refuse to leave your home forever.

Also, it's pretty damn thoughtful, and isn't that what Valentine's Day is really about (not just another example of the endless commercialisation of everything).

If she's asked for a perfume in particular, so help you, please just buy it.

But if she's given you no clue, and the thought of traipsing round endless department store fragrance halls until your nose is numb trying to suss out which one's really her seems a fate worse than death, check out our helpful guide to this season's new smells:

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