Passerby Hailed A 'Legend' After Tripping Suspected Drug Dealer As He Tried To Flee Police

'Legend' Trips Up Fleeing Drug Dealing Suspect, While Walking Arm-In-Arm With Girl

A man who helped police officers pursuing a suspected drug dealer by sticking out his foot to trip him up has been hailed a "legend".

In CCTV footage released by Kingston Police the unidentified passer-by can be seen walking arm-in-arm with a woman when he spots police chasing the teenage offender who was suspected of selling Class A drugs.

The man, dressed smartly in a jacket and shirt, then casually trips the suspect who falls to the ground. Police then arrest him.

Kingston police later tweeted the video, and thanked the member of the public, who simply walks off with barely a backward glance, after assisting officers with the arrest.

Scotland Yard said officers were patrolling near Clarence Street, Kingston, around 11.20pm on Saturday when they received a report that two males were selling drugs nearby.

The spokesperson said the males left before police arrived, but one of them was stopped near to the scene. He then attempted to flee the scene, before he was arrested.


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