Plus-Size Yogi, Dana Falsetti, Overcomes Binge-Eating Disorder And Inspires Others To Love Their Bodies


Dana Falsetti is living proof that you should never let your body stop you from fulfilling your dreams.

For years Falsetti suffered from depression and a binge-eating disorder, but when she discovered yoga her life began to change for the better.

"I was just holding myself back from doing things because I was heavy," she says in the video above. "And I let that just be an excuse for everything in my life."

Falsetti says that learning about her body through yoga has helped her learn to love herself. She now works as a yoga teacher.

"You just have to get to a certain point where you have to get over it," she says.

She now posts regular photos of herself performing impressive poses on Instagram, where she has gained more than 80,000 followers.

Her story has clearly inspired others, with her fans leaving comments on her photos such as: "You're incredible. Thank you for inspiring me to accept my body as it is."

What a woman.

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