MPs Prove What Good Tossers They Are By Winning Charity Pancake Race

MPs Prove What Good Tossers They Are By Winning Charity Pancake Race

A team of MPs proved they were the best tossers in Westminster this morning as they beat journalists and peers in a charity Pancake Race.

Headed up by veteran Labour MP Stephen Pound, the cross-party team romped to victory in the race, held in Victoria Tower Gardens next to the Houses of Parliament.

Racing conditions were perhaps not the best for the contest, which was held in support of the disability charity Rehab, with gusts of wind blowing pancakes of course mid-toss.

Perhaps that was why by the final few laps of the race, competitors were simply running as fast as their legs could carry them, instead of tossing the cakes as they sprinted.

Defending champions, the media team, led by Sunday Express Political Editor Caroline Wheeler, got off to a good start, with the Sunday People’s Nigel Nelson rolling back the years after the starting whistle was blown.

However, the Lords team, captained by Lib Dem peer Lord Redesdale, took a surprising lead after the initial three laps, with the MPs second and journalists a distant third.

Labour MP Clive Lewis put his army training to good use, and at one point it seemed the media team would be lapped after a frankly pedestrian lap from Sky News’s Sophy Ridge.

Independent Columnist Jane Merrick helped salvage some pride, with her lightning fast lap setting the media up for a second place finish.

But Lewis – in what was surely a rule-breaking second lap – delivered the first win for the MPs since 2013.

After the victory, Pound could hardly contain his delight, claiming the result as a “victory for the common man”.


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