Four iPhone Tricks That Will Boost Your Productivity

Four iPhone Tricks You Won't Know About

Apple's iPhone 6s is one of those rare phenomena in technology where a company manages to create a product which on the surface appears quite simple, but look deeper and you'll find that it's capable of doing some pretty incredible things.

Mashable's Tech Correspondent Christina Warren has been digging even deeper with the iPhone to find some of its coolest (and most hidden) features which will not only make you more productive but can save you bags of stress fiddling around in settings and menus.

Utilising the iPhone 6s' new Force Touch screen Apple have thrown in a number of new features which allow you to access both apps and their various features a lot quicker.

Sometimes this can simply just be a case of training yourself to do something differently, but in other cases it can be a feature which unless pointed out you would never have known about.

Finally if you're looking to see your iPhone speed up a little Marc Forrest has a top tip.

The self confessed Apple fan, claims holding down the power button and then pressing the home button till the app screen appears, helps clear RAM memory.

Obviously there is no sure sign to tell you the trick has worked, other than your apps loading more quickly.

So those steps again:

  1. Hold down the power button
  2. Wait for ‘Slide to Power Off’ to appear on the screen
  3. Hold down the home button till the app screen appears

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