'Sex And The City' Star Kristin Davis Left Fuming After Australian TV Forces Her To Participate In Live Skit

'Sex And The City' Star Left Fuming After Disastrous TV Skit

Kristin Davis is as renowned these days for her tireless work with refugees as she is for her screen work, but it appears not everyone got the memo.


The 'Sex and the City' star was forced to grimace her way through a completely awkward few minutes on an Australian breakfast TV show, culminating in a … read-through - the horror!… of a scene from her hit comedy. Watch her graceful efforts above.

Kristin Davis was game, but unhappy, with her hosts' efforts to entertain her

Kristin had tried from the off to have the chat focused on her important work with the UNHCR, with whom she has been working, including her recent mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, but the hosts David Koch and Sam Armytage were having none of that.

Instead, they peppered her with questions about the TV series that made her a star but finished airing over a decade ago, and then forced her to watch a clip from the show - not a flattering one, depicting her character Charlotte suffering from diarrhoea on a date.

But that wasn’t even the worst of it. Following their chat, Kristin was led across the studio where she was ‘invited’ to join fellow ‘Sunrise’ hosts Natalie Barr and Edwina Bartholemew, wearing comedy wigs to resemble the show’s characters, and to participate in an underwhelming read-through of a scene from the show. What did she think? “I don’t know that this is a great idea, frankly,” she told them.

When she finally escaped, Kristin let her feelings be known, retweeting several viewers' displeasure at the way she had been treated on the show.

This followed her pithy response to the Sunrise team's tweet - which they then deleted - asking 'What is going on here?'

Following a Twitter wall of protest about the skit, the ‘Sunrise’ team exec producer told Australian’s News.Com.Au afterwards:

“We are Sex and the City tragics at Sunrise. Our obsession may have gotten the better of us. We apologise for the bad acting and terrible costumes and we thank Kristin for being such a good sport. She is one of the most gracious stars we’ve had at Brekky Central.”


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