Kristin Davis

The And Just Like That actor said this notable dissimilarity with Charlotte brought some stress on certain set days.
Kim hasn't exactly made a secret of her beef with her former Sex And The City co-star in the years since the original series ended.
Kim will finally be back in action as Samantha Jones in an upcoming episode of the Sex And The City reboot.
Season two of reboot And Just Like That will feature a very familiar face when Kim reprises her role as Samantha Jones.
The And Just Like That star is respectfully not trying to involve herself in the rumoured fallout.
The Sex and the City star said friends finally told her about some work that "didn’t look good."
The TV fates had different ideas for the future Charlotte York, though.
This enjoyable reboot may take a heavy-handed approach at times, but let's face it, subtlety has never been Sex And The City’s strong suit.