'Unsafe' Multi-Storey Car Park In Halifax Blown Up In Controlled Explosion

Watch As Multi-Storey Car Park Collapses In Four Seconds

The is the moment a multi-storey car park in West Yorkshire was blown up this morning after serious safety concerns.

The Cow Green car park in Halifax was turned into rubble in just four seconds, in the controlled explosion captured in video from spectators and the local council.

Explosives were set in the 1970s building and after warnings from a claxon, demolition contractors moved away and the car park exploded, producing a cloud of dust and a pile of rubble.

Car alarms were activated by the blast, which took place at 7:50am on Sunday morning.

Multi-storey car park blown up in alifaxH

The car park has been closed for three years after structural inspections showed it was in a "very poor condition", ITV News reported.

Roads around the building were closed while the work was carried out, the Halifax Courier reported.

In a video shared on YouTube by Halifaxgoldsam, a viewer can be heard saying "woohoo" after the building collapses, and another whistles.

Another video from Calderdale Council shows the inside of the 1970s building before it was demolished.


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