Cilla Black ‘Leaves £15million To Her Three Sons And £20K To Her Housekeeper' In Will

Cilla Black left £15.2million to her three sons in her will, according to reports.


Court papers revealed that the ‘Blind Date’ star, who died from a stroke at her Spanish villa in August last year, also left £20,000 to her housekeeper.

The bulk of her fortune will go to her sons Robert, 45, Ben, 41, and Jack, 35.

It means they will each receive over £3million, once a deduction of £5.95million has been made in inheritance tax.

Cilla Black poses with her sons (left to right) Ben Willis, Robert Willis and Jack Willis

Cilla’s thee boys are also set to inherit her £2million Spanish mansion and £1.5million Barbados penthouse, which are not included in her UK estate.

The only other person the 72-year-old star left money to was Penny Walker — who was the singer’s housekeeper for over 30 years.

Cilla earned her first million by the time she was 25 and owned a portfolio of luxurious properties around the world, from the Caribbean to the Costa del Sol.

Her main family home was a 17-acre estate near near Denham, Buckinghamshire, which boasted an indoor swimming pool, tennis court, ten bedrooms and five bathrooms.

She also owned a Westminster penthouse, which served as an office she shared with her husband and manager Bobby Willis, who died 17 years ago at the age of 57.

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