Taylor Swift's Grammys Pose Picture Gets The Photoshop Treatment

Pop star Taylor Swift stole the show at the Grammys this week, catching every eye in the house with her flamboyant pose as she left the party.

But now that iconic moment has fallen into the hands of some Photoshop wizards thanks to a Reddit thread, and things are getting even weirder.

Tay Tay made an appearance as Shiva, destroyer of worlds:

Creepy John Travolta showed up...

Taylor joined a famous pop group:

And showed off her wrestling skills:

She made it rain:

Made a cameo in a new X-Men film:

And Dragonball Z:

And even 'Say Anything':

She even bought us all tickets to the gun show:

Served some dinner:

And morphed into a praying mantis.

And this isn't the first time T-Swift has fallen victim to the Redditors. Another picture of her from the 2014 AMAs recently got the same treatment, much to our delight.