Kanye West Gets Subtle Response From Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg Responded To Kanye West But You Probably Missed It

Mark Zuckerberg has responded to Kanye West's ask for money in the most subtle way possible.

The father of Facebook appeared to issue an indirect message by liking a message posted by a former software engineer at the firm.

Steven Grimm wrote: "Dear Kanye West: If you're going to ask the CEO of Facebook for a billion dollars, maybe don't do it on Twitter."

On February 15, Zuckerberg liked the post and although the message has since been taken down it could suggest that the social media giant is unlikely to be bailing the rapper out of debt anytime soon.

West's plea began with: "Mark Zuckerberg I know it's your bday but can you please call me by 2mrw..."

With Zuckerberg's silence on the matter, the ask escalated to a wider reach:

Then, a justification of why he would be a good investment:

Followed by more begging and grovelling:

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