David Beckham Hailed A 'Brave Dad' For Allowing Brooklyn To Jump Over Him On A Skateboard

David Beckham has been labelled a "brave dad" after allowing his son Brooklyn to jump over him on a skateboard.

In a clip uploaded to the 16-year-old's Instagram, the dad-of-four is seen laying perfectly still on some steps.

Brooklyn comes into shot on his skateboard leaping straight over Beckham in a clear jump.

"Ollie down the eight stair and Dad," Brooklyn wrote on Instagram.

The clip, which was uploaded on Thursday 18 February, prompted many fans to comment on Beckham's "class parenting".

"Brave, brave dad," wrote one person. Another added: "Yet another reason why he has the best dad ever."

However, some people seemed to fear slightly more for the famous dad's safety.

"If this failed David legit but his life at risk 😩," another commented.

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