19/02/2016 11:21 GMT | Updated 19/02/2016 11:59 GMT

Katie Price Goes Makeup Free On 'Loose Women'

Katie Price was persuaded to take her makeup off on live TV after Fearne Cotton shared a makeup-free selfie on Instagram.

Price joined her 'Loose Women' colleagues - Nadia Sawalha, Jane Moore and Andrea Mclean - as they plucked off their false eyelashes and used wipes to go bare faced on Friday 19 February.

A move Mclean admitted made her feel "quite uncomfortable".

Katie Price joined the Loose Women panelists reaching for the face wipes

"We're the only all women show on telly," said Sawalha. "We talk a lot about the pressures we all have to look beautiful and perfect, and I think we owe it to the audience to show we don't look like this."

The segment focused on an Instagram post Cotton had shared the previous day with the hashtag #CelebrateTheImperfect.

A photo posted by Fearne (@fearnecotton) on

"Ok let's reverse this scene," Cotton captioned the image. "Who is with me?

"Our social media culture is getting way out of control with filters/editing/perfect snap shots which are leading to acute pin pointing of so called imperfections.

"I want to celebrate my imperfections and embrace it all.

"So here I am. No make up, greasy hair, tired mum eye bags, bottom brace, un-plucked brows, and happy."


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Moore wasn't convinced that Cotton's message was a positive as she'd intended it to be.

"I think there's something a bit militant about this no makeup thing," Moore said.

Mclean added: "Makeup-free selfies can be almost as aggressive a thing as people who post pictures of themselves at at the gym."

But Price wasn't going to take this selfie bashing lying down, interjecting: "That's me, that's what I do."

And we wouldn't have it any other way, keep the selfies coming Price.

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