Phillip Schofield Loses His Rag And Tells Keith Lemon To 'F*** Off' During New Comedy Sketch

We’re used to seeing Phillip Schofield keeping his cool during his presenting gigs on ‘This Morning’, whether he’s shooting the breeze with politicians or just suppressing some Katie Hopkins-infused rage, so we were surprised to see this clip of him flying off the handle in a foul-mouthed rant.


Fortunately, though, it’s all in the name of comedy, as part of Keith Lemon’s ITV2 sketch show, the imaginatively-titled ‘The Keith Lemon Sketch Show’.

In the most recent episode, Phillip appears in a sketch featuring the faux game-show ‘George Lucas Says The Funniest Things’, alongside Keith, who plays Ian, a contestant and ‘Star Wars’ superfan who can’t help bringing up the sci-fi series at every turn.

Phillip Schofield

After repeatedly telling ‘Ian’ that the show has nothing to do with ‘Star Wars’, Phillip eventually loses his rag, telling him: “It is nothing like that, the show has nothing to do with ‘Star Wars’. Ian, fuck off.”

Watch the sketch in full in the video above.

'George Lucas Says The Funniest Things'

Keith Lemon is portrayed by comic actor Leigh Francis, who previously helmed the celebrity-based sketch show ‘Bo Selecta’, and his latest venture isn’t exactly short on celebrity impressions either.

Among the stars lampooned in the new series are Simon Cowell, Paloma Faith and Mark Wright, who it was recently reported was concerned about becoming “the new Craig David”, referencing the infamous ‘Bo Selecta’ sketch centred around the garage singer.

Away from his sketch show, Keith will be joined by Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby for a live version of their panel show, ‘Celebrity Juice’, which looks certain to bring plenty of chaos.

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