Tesco Delivery Driver Leaves Note To Disabled Mother, Calling Her 'Mrs Can't Be Arsed To Go To The Shops'


A chronically ill woman has written a scathing response after a Tesco delivery man allegedly wrote "Dear Mr and Mrs I can't be arsed to go to the shop" on a note passed through her door.

Beth Lloyd, from West Sussex, lashed out at the note, explaining that she is "physically unable to do a supermarket shop".

The disabled mother of three had mistakenly booked the delivery too early and didn't hear the driver at the door.

Lloyd said: "Right now, I am mix of angry, disgusted, and devastated. I also want to make sure anyone who uses the delivery service realise there is a possibility they too may face being the victims of false and defamatory comments."

Lloyd's full complaint was posted to Facebook:

"Thought I would share my Tesco delivery experience from last night. Firstly I would like to explain a few things... I am chronically ill, my husband is my registered carer. He also works long hours, plus many hours commuting to and from work. We are very blessed to have 3 young children. We try to protect them from the full impact of conditions, as we want them to be happy children, not constantly worrying about me. We try to give them a 'normal childhood.

"I physically am unable to do a supermarket shop. I occasionally visit the supermarket at the weekend, but only with my husband. And not for a long, or but weekly food shop. Due to my illness and disabilities, I cannot lift or push heavy objects- (which a trolley full of food for a family of 5 would be).It would be dangerous if I managed to do a shop. I would be in a lot of pain, physically and mentally exhausted.

"Then to get it into the car, drive home, and then put it all away- if by some chance I managed this, the knock on effect would be long lasting (especially as any shopping trip, would also be accompanied by at least one young child), and cause additional complications. So being able to pay to have our food delivered to the door, at a time when my husband will be home and to put it away, has been so helpful.

"We are always very polite to the drivers, and express our gratitude for their service.I made a mistake last night, and booked an earlier slot than thought... Thankfully, my husband had just arrived home, he had given me my prescribed morphine and administered my IV medications. He was in the kitchen with our children, I was resting on the sofa, preparing to be helped up stairs to get settled in bed.

Beth Lloyd said she is the victim of false defamatory comments

"It was just before 7.30pm. I heard my mobile ring, it was out of my reach, so I was making my way to it, it stopped ringing very quickly, when I looked there was an unknown number.. I then heard something posted through the door, my husband went and saw the pictured card from Tesco (at this stage, we only saw the front picture) my husband opened the door, the driver was still there.

"My husband politely called him over, and asked what time the shopping was due, the driver snapped at him '7-8pm' (an hour earlier than I had meant to book). Once we realised our mistake with the time, we apologised. The driver was very rude, and didn't respond to our apology. When I said I hadn't heard him at the door, he pointed out we have a sign saying the baby is asleep, and also explains that it can take me time to answer the door.

"Having a member of Tesco staff make such rude, unfair, discriminating presumptions about myself and my husband, makes me so upset. What gave him the right to pass judgement on us, and our situation, and the fact such unkind, and judgemental comments were posted through my door- my home, a place where I should feel safe from being discriminated against because of my health, makes it even worse, I feel violated in my safe haven.

"It is a very personal attack, in my own home. It is also worth noting that my 8 year old could very easily have picked up he card, and have read the awful name his parents were being called.

"Right now, I am mix of angry, disgusted, and devasted. I also want to make sure anyone who uses the delivery service realise there is a possibility they too may face being the victims of false and defamatory comments.

"I also want Tesco to know, that I want this matter dealt with appropriately, it is a very serious matter, and the driver should be disciplined. I need to know if it is common that Tesco discriminate people who pay for their shopping to be delivered, whether it is because they are ill, disabled, working long hours, have young children, elderly, or just want to use a service Tesco provide?

I have no idea how you are going to restore my faith in your company, but more importantly I am concerned you discriminate against customers who are disabled, or unable to shop in store dod any reason, and that other people, are also being subjected to such thoughtless judgemental attacks."

Tesco said it is investigating the comments and noted that its store manager had been in touch with Lloyd, who they say has been very happy with the response.

"All of our customer delivery assistants undergo a comprehensive training programme to ensure they provide great service on the doorstep so we were concerned to hear about this complaint. We are urgently investigating and will update Mrs Lloyd with our findings," a spokesperson said.