Astronaut Scott Kelly Plays Gorilla Suit Prank On Tim Peake In Celebration Of His Year In Space Aboard ISS

There's A Gorilla On The International Space Station....

ESA astronaut Tim Peake received something of a shock earlier this week aboard the International Space Station when he discovered that hiding within a carry bag was a giant gorilla.

You heard that correctly. A giant gorilla, aboard the International Space Station. Keep saying it to yourself, it's going to be a while before you'll get that chance again.

The 'gorilla' in question just so happens to be everyone's favourite space captain and all-round hero NASA astronaut Scott Kelly who has just 8 days left before he finally returns to Earth.

Tweeting that you should 'Go big, or go home.' Kelly decided to cut loose and dress up in a gorilla suit for reasons that immediately become obvious when you see a giant 'gorilla' start flying around a space station in zero gravity.

These last eight days mark the end of a frankly superhuman effort by Kelly who will have spent in total over 300 days aboard the ISS as part of a massive experiment to see if humans can survive the months it would take to travel to planets like Mars.

Kelly has been trialling Microsoft's incredible HoloLens augmented-reality headset aboard the ISS.

During his time aboard the station Kelly has been involved in over 400 experiments, taken 742 stunning photos and accomplished the impressive feat of officially becoming the most accomplished gardener in space.

Scott Kelly shows off the stunning zinnias he was able to grow aboard the station.

As part of the 'Year in space' experiment Kelly will be placed alongside his twin brother Mark (also an astronaut) and scientists will be able to compare the differences between the two.

According to NASA the results from Kelly's marathon stint in space won't be published for at least six months with some of the learnings from the mission taking nearly six years to analyse.

The veteran astronaut posts another stunning picture of the Northern Lights from space.

Remaining on the Space Station is ESA astronaut Tim Peake who has very valiantly taken over the role of chief Twitter user aboard the space station.

Peake has been getting photography lessons from Kelly and has so far been putting it to astonishingly good use.


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